Monday, August 2, 2010

Investigating Perspective (Horizon Line and Vanishing Points in 1 Point and 2 Point Perspective)

In this example of a two point perspective all planes parallel in plan view have converging lines going to 2 points (vanishing points) in the image. As in many image examples such as this image a vanishing point or both points may be located outside the frame of the picture plane. As always these two vanishing points in a two point perspective are both positioned on the horizon line. For this assignment students will attempt to depict 4 examples which should include two examples of 2 point perspective and two examples of 1 point perspective. You may choose to complete this assignment with clear film over a photograph with converging lines, vanishing point(s) and a horizon line drawn by hand, or you may use photoshop and do a digital drawing on a digital photo of converging lines, vanishing point(s) and a horizon line and then print out the digital drawing/photo. Either way the idea for this assignment is take or find pictures and depict converging lines on photos that demonstrate a clear comprehension of both 1 Point and 2 Point Perspectives in an interesting, challenging and unique presentation. The example presented here demonstrates a clear understanding of 2 point perspective and even though shows many complex converging lines in a deep space should be more adventurous and unique in terms of subject matter and overall selection of space. Detail of 2 Point Perspective

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